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Hybrid Investing Masterclass!

Beat the market with less risk, time & stress!

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Do you find trading in share markets too complicated, risky & time-consuming?
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the available options & information to invest in markets?

If Yes, You’re not alone! I have been there & done that! I have jumped from one system to another, one style to another and blown my capital a few times in the process!

After many failed starts, I have come to realize that investing doesn’t have to be too complex & time consuming. What you need is a simple, robust approach to invest in the markets that is based on academically & practically proven concepts. And those concepts are Momentum Investing & Mean Reversion! Believe me, my life has never been easier!

If this rings a bell to you, I am pretty sure you’ll greatly benefit from the workshop!

Trade Passively & Reclaim your Life!

What will you learn?

I will teach you everything about the Hybrid Investing Approach!

Understand basic fundamental behaviors of market in general & stocks in particular. 

Why does it work?

  1. What’s the strategy all about?
  2. How to determine the general trend of the market?
  3. An Innovative way to identify the strongest stocks
  4. What is Factor Investing and how to use it to your advantage?
  5. Specific Rules of the strategy: Trend Following & Rotational version.
  6. Backtested Results.
  1. DYR Mean Reversion Strategy – Long /Short.
  2. Rules.
  3. Backtested & Live Results.

Various portfolio combinations!

Practical tips to apply the strategy consistently.

Free Screener to shortlist the stocks according to the system.

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A little bit about me...

Hardik Upadhyay, CMT.

Passive Trader

18 years in the industry. I believe, promote and teach Passive Trading along with your job, business, or profession. That's the surest way to grow your wealth faster with less risk, time & stress!

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!***

Learn the strategies. Apply exactly as taught for 90 days. If you don’t even recover the cost, get back to me with proof of trades & I will gladly return your money.

***Conditions Apply!

Got any questions?

If you have any doubts/ questions regarding the workshop, feel free to email me at hardik@tradingwithdyr.com.

Trading Passively is the way to go. It has changed the way I look at trading. Grow your wealth while still having time to do things you love. Sign up now to avail of the introductory offer!

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