Do you want to learn how to build a diversified portfolio of strategies that work in different market conditions?


DYR Hybrid strategy seeks to invest in the stocks which are in long term uptrend & at the same time take advantage of the short-term price reversals that happen along the way. Check out the below chart to better understand the concept.

As you can see in the above chart, the stock is in a nice uptrend but it is not without short term corrections or pullbacks. We take advantage of both the long term uptrend and short term pullbacks which increases our overall returns at reduced risk.

DYR Hybrid Strategy is the complete portfolio of strategies to take advantage of the various market phases in a data-driven and systematic way.

DYR Hybrid Strategy will help you…

  • Ride long term trends in stocks,
  • Turn short-term market reversal in your favor,
  • Conserve capital during major bear markets,
  • Improve your risk-adjusted returns and,
  • Have a smooth portfolio growth.
All of the above benefits without…
  • Spending hours watching markets,
  • Paying an exorbitant amount of fees to the fund managers, advisors & so-called experts.
  • Spending huge money on softwares, tools and infrastructure.  
Does it sound too good to be true?
Well, it does but believe me it’s true!

DYR Hybrid Strategy is the combination of four strategies that are built on repetitive, fundamental behaviors of the stocks…

  • Long Term Investment Strategy that works during bullish market environments.
  • High Probability Swing Trading Strategy to take advantage of the short-term corrections that happen along the way.
  • High Probability Short Selling Strategy to take advantage of highly overbought stocks and,
  • Capital preservation strategy when markets enter into bearish phase.  

“Holy Grail” of Investing!

According to the hedge fund legend, Ray Dalio, combining low correlated or uncorrelated assets (read strategies) is the Holy Grail of Investing!
Larry Connors also talks about the same concept in his book, The Alpha Formula. 
I have been a fan of Van Tharp for years. He has often said that you should have three different systems to trade or invest in the market. 
In the beginning, I used to think that you only need one strategy to beat the market. It’s taken me years to fully understand the significance of having multiple trading systems.   
How is the performance of the Hybrid Model?***

It’s one thing to say, “Buy Low & Sell High or Buy High & Sell Higher”. But we prefer precise rules to suggest us where to buy when to sell & how much to buy. When you have clear buy & sell rules, you can execute the strategy with calm,clarity & confidence.

Below is the historical performance snapshot of the Hybrid portfolio.


As you can see that adding multiple strategies smoothens the equity growth as compared to benchmark. It is especially important to observe that the Hybrid model actually made money during the GFC in 2008-2009. How? Because we added a short selling strategy also. 
That’s the power of Hybrid Model ! The best of both worlds, Momentum & Mean reversion!

Why I am giving away the keys to the kingdom?

It’s obvious that many people will ask if your strategy is so profitable, why are you disclosing it? Well, that’s a valid concern and I shall try my best to answer it. Here’s why I have no problem disclosing the strategy…
1. The Secret to success: I have learned over a period of time that there is only one secret to be successful in the market and that is your ability to execute the strategy day in & day out for along period of time. This is easier said than done & very few people have the discipline to stick to their methods. 
2. Shared Knowledge: I don’t mind sharing it as someone also shared their knowledge with me that got me started. I absorbed the knowledge, applied my own experience & skills, and made it my own. You can too! 
3. Transparency: Investor should have the option of taking control of their of their own trading & investing rather than blindly rely on some fund manager, advisor or some black-box signal service provider.                   

For whom this strategy may be most suitable?

The strategy is most suitable for you if…

  • you are an individual investor.
  • you are a busy businessman or professional who don’t have time to monitor markets.
  • you have a full-time job.
  • you are financial industry professional like employees of broking firms, sub-brokers and authorized persons.
  • you want to trade and invest based on data-driven, rule-based research.
  • you want to invest for the long term but at the same time take advantage of short-term price fluctuations.
  • you don’t want to rely on tips or analyst opinions.

For whom this strategy may not be suitable?

The strategy is not suitable for you if…

  • you are looking for the secret to get rich quick.
  • you want daily action. You are looking for day trading or scalping.
  • You don’t have another source of income.
  • You don’t have sufficient capital to invest in the market.

What do you get when you purchase DYR Hybrid Guidebook?

  • Long Term Trend Following strategy that works.
  • Long Term Momentum Rotational Strategy that works.
  • High Probability Swing trading strategy that works.
  • High Probability Short Selling Strategy that works.
  • Full disclosure of trading rules: This is not a Black-Box trading system. You’ll have a complete understanding of the rules, rationale & logic behind all the systems.
  • Diversification: Our Strategies have a very low correlation to each other which will help you improve your risk adjusted returns and have a smooth portfolio growth.       
  • Multiple Portfolios: Depending on your objectives & risk profile, you can have multiple portfolio combinations. 
  • Practical ways to apply the strategies including the use of Options.
  • Proven Strategies based on quantitative data, not subjective analyst opinions. 
  • Capital Preservation: There is an inbuilt capital preservation mechanism to save us from large market declines like 2008-2009.
  • Time effective: You can easily manage your portfolio with just 10-15 minutes each day/month if there are any opportunities. You can continue with your day job or business. No need to remain glued to the computer screen watching every tick change.    
  • Economical: You don’t need expensive software & infrastructure. No need to pay exorbitant fees to fund managers and advisors. Take control of your own investing.   
  • FREE Readymade Screener to identify opportunities according to the strategies.
Wait… There’s more…

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

The price of DYR Hybrid Guidebook is just Rs. 9995 7495/-.

I am sure DYR Hybrid Strategy will greatly improve your portfolio returns. But if you don’t think you got any value out of it, get back to me within 90 days of purchase, show me the trades & I will gladly return your money!** 

** Only Serious Investors need to apply. If you’re a passerby or just want to check out the strategies, there are no refunds whatsoever. You’ll have to show me the work you did to get the refund! if you placed a few trades here & there, there are no refunds. 
Email me at, if you have any queries.   

*** Actual results may significantly vary from the historical results. Past performance may or may not be sustained in future. Brokerage rate of 0.13% considered in backtests. Survivorship bias exists. This is not an investment advice & is only for illustration, information & educational purposes. Please read the Disclaimer before making any purchase.