Unlike many other service providers, we firmly believe that you should Try before you Buy it. You should first understand how the systems work and then commit yourself to purchasing. That’s the reason why we offer a 90 day FREE TRIAL.

You may have heard that diversification is the only free lunch in markets. I believe you should not only diversify your wealth among different asset classes but also among different strategies which have low correlation to each other. 

Diversifying in non-correlated or low correlated assets(read strategies) is the Holy Grail of Investing according to billionaire hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio.

The DYR Hybrid Model takes advantage of the long term price trends as well as short term corrections in an ongoing uptrend. Hybrid Model is the combination of DYR Dual Momentum Strategy & DYR Mean Reversion Strategy.  

Our momentum strategy is based on the concept of buying strength & selling weakness while our mean reversion strategy buys weakness & sells on strength. 

Combining both the strategies can provide a higher risk adjusted returns & smooth portfolio growth.

You can follow a simple 3 step process…

  • Step-1. We encourage you to first take our 90 day FREE TRIAL and get to know our strategies.
  • Step-2. Decide which strategies are most suitable to you according to your objectives & risk appetite.
  • Step-3. Make the payment & start earning. 

DYR Hybrid Pro Plan offers our subscribers the option of understanding in detail how exactly our strategies work. When you subscribe to DYR Hybrid Pro Plan, you will receive a strategy guidebook PDF detailing the rules, rationale & results of all our strategies.

Why are we giving away the keys to the kingdom?
There are 3 most important reasons…
1. Secret to Success: I have learnt over a period of time that there is only one secret to be successful in the market and that is your ability to execute the strategy day in & day out for a long period of time. This is easier said than done & very few people have the discipline to stick to their methods.    
2. Shared Knowledge: I don’t mind sharing it because somebody also shared their knowledge with me that got me started. I absorbed the knowledge, applied my own experience & skills and made it my own. You can too!
3. Transparency: I believe in complete transparency & trust. The subscribers should know on what basis the signals are generated. Also they should have an option of taking control of their own trading & investing in their own hands rather than blindly rely on our signal services.

As a Hybrid Pro plan subscriber, now you have two options…
1) Continue subscription next year onwards. Now you know on what basis the signals are generated and you can execute with calm, clarity & confidence Or,
2.) Start trading on your own by learning the strategies from my strategy guidebook. No need to re-subscribe. 

What’s the catch?
Well, the strategies I offer are my intellectual property & it should be protected from misuse. That’s why DYR Pro Plan subscribers are required to sign a NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. You can use the guidebooks for your personal consumption only.           

As anything in life, there are no guarantees. But all our models developed on the basis of fundamental behaviors of the market. It’s a fact that markets have bullish or bearish trends for an extended period of time. It is also a fact that markets have corrections & reversals & they go through times of stress & panic. All these behaviors are caused by human psychology & emotions which I believe will never change.

Also all the models are developed on simple & generic rules to avoid curve fitting & over optimisation which makes them robust to work in the future.     

Ideally you should at-least have Rs. 3-5 lakh of spare capital to properly implement these models. 

Another fact that not many service providers discuss is if you have less capital than the ideal, you will not be able to recover their fees only. For example, if you have only Rs. 1 lakh as capital, it doesn’t make economic sense to purchase our service as it will be almost 15% of your capital depending on which model you choose. That is difficult to overcome nevermind how profitable our strategies are. 

By the same token, if you have let’s say Rs. 25 lakh as capital as required by SEBI for PMS, our charges will be only 0.6% to 1% depending on which model you choose. 

That is analogous to how discount brokers operate. For example, many discount brokers charge a flat fee of Rs. 20 per order. Now if you place order of Rs. 10000 that will be 0.2% while if you place order worth say Rs. 10 lakhs, it will just be 0.002%.      

That will be completely dependent on your starting capital, objectives & risk appetite. 

For people who are aggressive with higher risk appetite can take leverage on our momentum portfolio and apply our mean reversion strategy. If you can execute the model with discipline, you can almost double your returns with same or reduced risk. 

If you are a moderate investor, you should allocate 70% of your capital to our long term strategy & rest in our mean reversion strategy. 

If you are a conservative investor, you should allocate 50:50 to both strategies.   

You can if you want to but please bear in mind that there no refunds in any form. That’s why we encourage people to first Try FREE for 90 days before buying.  

We don’t offer lower frequency subscriptions because we want our subscribers to commit at least 1 year for our models to perform. You can’t be expected to make money if you’re not willing to commit for at-least one year if not more.