DYR Strategies

There are three basic behaviors of any market or stock.

#1. Bullish Trend: You will make a lot of money if you’re on the right side.
#2. Bearish Trend: If you don’t have any kind of risk management, you will wipe out all your gains or capital. Must be avoided at all costs.
#3.Sideways or Range-bound markets: Difficult times as there is no broad trend & prices just bounce around in a range. 

It is estimated that markets spend 60-65% of the time in sideways, non-trending & range bound mode. Only 30-35% of the time they trend either on bullish or bearish side.

As a modern investor, you should have strategies suitable to each of these market phases.

DYR Strategies will help you with ways to…

  • Ride the long term uptrends.
  • Turn market choppiness in your favor.
  • Avoid major bear markets.
  • Improve your risk-adjusted returns & have a smooth portfolio growth.

A complete portfolio of strategies to take advantage of different types of market conditions in a systematic and quantitative way.    

DYR Dual Momentum Strategy:

All trading is trend following & momentum—Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

Some of the biggest & most successful traders like Jesse Livermore, Richard Dennis, Ed Seykota, David Harding, Bill Dun, Nicolas Darvas and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala have been momentum or trend traders.
DYR Dual Momentum Strategy combines the best of factor research, relative momentum & trend following all in one long term strategy.        

DYR Mean Reversion Strategy:

Be fearful when everybody is greedy & be greedy when everybody’s fearful.—Warren Buffett.
DYR Mean Reversion strategy is based on the same principle but on a short term basis. The strategy is designed to take advantage of the short term price corrections that happen in an ongoing bullish trend.      

DYR Hybrid Strategy:

Diversifying portfolio in non-correlated or low correlated assets is the holy grail of investing.— Ray Dalio.

Momentum is the opposite of Mean Reversion. Where one stops working, the other usually picks up. Diversifying your portfolio in our momentum & mean reversion strategies can greatly improve your risk adjusted returns.