Performance Review for the Week.

The week was extremely range bound but there was a stock-specific action throughout the week!

Nifty closed down 0.32% or 35.6 points while Nifty 500 was totally flat.

Here’s the portfolio capsule of the DYR Strategies for the week ended on 14/08/2020.

There was a slight improvement in all the strategies but nothing spectacular! The performance is in line with markets performance this week.

The beauty of the DYR Dual Momentum Strategy is it’s very flexible. You can either choose a Trend following version or Rotational version or both.

Here’s the actual, real-time portfolio update for the week. I apply all the strategies together which refer to as Hybrid Approach! Momentum strategies along with the mean reversion strategies provide an excellent diversification benefit and can improve your risk-adjusted returns.

The real time portfolio is up over 12% since 30-06-20.

Stay tuned until next week!

Have a great weekend!

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