Performance Review for the Week ended on 09/10/2020.

What a week it has been!

Nifty zoomed past the previous peak and rose by more than 4% during the week. The broader Nifty 500 trailed the Nifty and rose by 3%.

The stars of the week were IT, Banking, and Auto to some extent. My Dual Momentum Rotational strategy is overweight on IT, Pharma & Chemicals.

The portfolio also rose during the week and the performance the end of 09/10/20 remains strong at almost 27% since 30/06/2020.

Here’s the snapshot of the actual portfolio…

At the beginning of October month, I had raised some cash anticipating volatility in the markets. The portfolio remains on cash to the tune of 11% which can be deployed back into the strategy if the market conditions remain favorable going forward.

Let’s see how the DYR Strategies along with the markets perform going forward.

Have a great week ahead!

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